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The event will consist of six consecutive day stages with each day starting anew.  Teams can expect daily distances of between 250 and 400 kilometres.  What separates the Oasis Solar Challenge event from other global solar events is that teams will need to strategize for both time and distance-based stages.

This creates a challenging event that will separate the competition based on each team's strengths and the format that best suits their solar car.  The next question is how winners of each stage and the overall challenge champion be determined?

The Oasis Solar Challenge introduces yet another innovation to the solar car world.  With the combination of time and distance-based stages, the scoring for the challenge will consist of a points system where teams will be awarded a certain number of points based on their daily results and performance.  More about this exciting innovation will be published soon. 


Control Stops are compulsory stops set up along the route by the event organisers to enforce vehicle inspections during competition hours.


This assists the organisers in ensuring that all participating teams are operating safely and within the event regulations. Control Stops are coincidentally beneficial for driver swops, short breaks, and a reset for your team after refreshing.



These stages will require teams to complete the daily course within the given time but also to rack up as many kilometres as possible.


This can be done by completing additional Loops that have been scouted and set out by the event organisers.



These stages will require teams to complete the daily course in the quickest time possible while abiding by local traffic laws.


These stages will not include Loops but will have compulsory Control Stops that teams need to reach before being allowed to continue.

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A 2-day Marathon Stage will be implemented on day stage 3 and 4 during the on-road segment of the event.


The event organisers carefully plan where the Marathon Stage will take place to ensure the safety of all participating teams and parties involved.


Day 1 of the Marathon Stage will depart from Yas Marina Circuit where teams will head out into the Arabian Desert and spend the night at a predetermined venue.


Day 2 of the Marathon Stage will depart from the desert venue and head back to Yas Marina Circuit.


More information regarding the Marathon Stage will be released soon.


The Arabian Nomadic Experience will be coupled with the Marathon Stage.


During the Marathon Stage, teams will travel to a predetermined venue in the desert where they will spend the night.


Here teams will experience true Bedouin culture, hospitality, and entertainment as part of their Oasis Solar Challenge journey.


More information regarding the Arabian Nomadic Experience will be released soon.


Loops are additional segments of the route added by the event organisers to enable participating teams to rack up additional kilometres in order to increase the daily distance total during distance-based stages.


Loops may be completed multiple times, but teams need to complete the entire loop for the additional kilometres to be credited.