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What is the
Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Program focuses on students from local Abu Dhabi universities, encouraging them to sign up for a hands-on knowledge-sharing opportunity to learn and gain experience on solar car projects. 


The Oasis Solar Challenge presents them with the opportunity to work with and shadow the solar car teams that are competing in the challenge. 


Each mentee will be assigned to a solar car team, and that solar car team will be responsible for the involvement of the mentee as much as possible during their solar car project. 


Teams will be required to teach and educate the mentee, guiding the mentee step by step, on how to build a solar car and on what a solar car project entrails.  

What are the Goals of the Mentorship Program? 

The ultimate goal is to grow a knowledge-sharing opportunity that will fast-track the learning curve in order to have more local UAE solar car teams participate competitively in the 2023 Oasis Solar Challenge and beyond. 


In order for this to happen, students must be exposed to the process of how a solar car is built and what it takes to be a part of a solar car project. 


The Oasis Solar Challenge strives to provide students with real-life experience and exposure to professional insights and knowledge from a participating solar car team's perspective. 


The mission of the Mentorship Program is for local UAE students to gain experience, a transfer of knowledge from expert to the student. 

What is the Registration Process?

Registrations will open 6 months before the commencement of the event.

Mentees will be chosen for the program 4 months before the commencement of the event

  • An introduction email/invite letter will be sent to universities containing information on what the Mentorship Program is and why students should be encouraged to sign up. 

  • Thereafter, an invite/meeting request will be sent to the selected universities, inviting them to attend a virtual Mentorship Program Introduction meeting.

  • Details about the virtual meeting, the Mentorship Program, and the benefits of student participation will be discussed.

  • Upon the conclusion of the virtual meeting, the Mentorship Program registration link will once again be sent. 

How will Check-ins with the Mentees and Solar Car Teams work?

  • The Volunteer Coordinator will schedule a virtual check-in once every 2nd-week with the mentees, to see how they are doing and whether or not they are being involved sufficiently by their team.

  • The Volunteer Coordinator will schedule a virtual check-in with the teams and mentees, to ensure that they are all collaborating and working together.

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How will the introduction between Mentees and their Solar Car Teams work?

Mentees will be introduced to the teams 4 months before the commencement of the event.


  • When the Volunteer Coordinator has sourced a sufficient number of registered mentees for the program, a selection process will begin.  

  • Once the top 15 applicants have been identified, an email will be sent to the applicants, informing them about the confirmation of their Mentorship Program application. 

  • The Volunteer Coordinator will invite each mentee to a virtual Team Introduction meeting, where each mentee will be introduced to their team.

  • From there on teams and mentees will be linked virtually via email or whichever channel of communication is preferential for them to further communicate.