• Oasis Solar Challenge

2022 Team Incentives

Through the generous assistance of local UAE strategic partners, the Oasis Solar Challenge has put in place financial and service incentives for the 15 teams competing in the 2022 event.

The Oasis Solar Challenge has made these incentives available to lessen the financial and logistical costs incurred by teams participating in Abu Dhabi.

The following incentives can now be confirmed:

Entry Fee Waiver

For the 2022 Oasis Solar Challenge, the event entry fees have been waived for all participating teams.

This decision was taken in recognition of the fact that as a condition of entry, teams competing in the Oasis Solar Challenge are required to participate in the event’s Mentorship Program which the promoters see as a cornerstone of re-establishing solar car construction and competition within the UAE and other GCC States.

Permanent Pit Garage at Yas Marina Circuit

Teams will have the opportunity to set up a permanent pit and home for themselves for the entire duration of the 2022 Oasis Solar Challenge at the world-famous Yas Marina Circuit – home of the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix.

This means that teams will not have to incur additional costs or time moving between venues.

The on-road segment of the Oasis Challenge will start and finish each day at Yas Marina Circuit, excluding the 2-day “Marathon Stage” where authentic desert-style accommodation will be provided overnight, free of charge.

Logistics Assistance and Credit Allowance

For the 2022 event, the Oasis Solar Challenge has partnered with global logistics giant DHL and their Middle East office for the shipping of participating team’s cars and equipment. DHL has confirmed that all logistics services that they provide for competing teams will be undertaken at cost.

In addition, the Oasis Solar Challenge is offering all participating teams who utilise the services of DHL Middle East, a US $10,000.00 credit.

Teams, please take note that this credit only applies when utilising DHL Middle East. Should a team decide to work with their own logistics provider they will forfeit the US $ 10,000.00 credit.

Discounted Airfares

The event organizers are currently liaising with the national airline for discounted fares for all team members participating in the Oasis Solar Challenge. Further details to be distributed shortly.

Discounted Accommodation and Credit Allowance

Through local strategic partnerships with Yas Marina Circuit, the Official Venue Host for the 2022 edition of the event, and Premier Inn, the Oasis Solar Challenge has pre-arranged significantly discounted accommodation for participating teams. This has been achieved despite the scarcity of hotel accommodation in Abu Dhabi while the Oasis Solar Challenge is being held.

Furthermore, the Oasis Solar Challenge is offering all participating teams that book their accommodation with the Premier Inn chain in Abu Dhabi (either Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport or Premier Inn Abu Dhabi Capital Centre) a US $14,500.00 credit.

The US $14,500.00 credit, linked with the highly competitive rate offered by Premier Inn for the Oasis Solar Challenge participants means that a team of 25 members or less, will be accommodated for the duration of the event at nil cost to the team.

Any additional nights or extra rooms required by a team will be at the team’s cost, charged at the special pre-negotiated Oasis Solar Challenge rate.

Discounted Vehicle Hire Rates

Once again through local strategic partnerships, the Oasis Solar Challenge has negotiated significant discounts with Hertz on hire car rental for sedans, small 4x4’s and mini-buses as well as larger passenger buses for event participants.


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