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Introducing the Oasis Solar Challenge 2022 - Abu Dhabi

Updated: Aug 19

The 2022 Oasis Solar Challenge Supporting Abu Dhabi’s Climate Change And Sustainability Initiatives

The Oasis Solar Challenge to be held in Abu Dhabi in early 2022 and promoted by H.E. Mr. Abdulla Jasim Al Nowais, Chairman of the Al Nowais Group, promises to be one of the Emirate’s premier events showcasing Abu Dhabi as a world leader in sustainability and renewable energy, education, and youth empowerment.

The Oasis Solar Challenge is in synch with and fully supports the UAE Government’s Vision 2021 and Energy Strategy 2050, the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation, and the recently announced Climate Change and Sustainability initiatives.

Since its global inception thirty years ago, Solar Car Challenges have influenced tens of thousands of young people around the world. With its strong focus on innovation, science, technology, engineering, and youth involvement, the Oasis Solar Challenge is set to bring clean technology to life in the UAE.

The 2022 Oasis Solar Challenge will run for two weeks and will have up to 15 teams from universities and high schools around the world competing against each other through the Arabian Desert and its ‘oasis’ – Abu Dhabi.

The teams consisting of between 20-30 male and female members filling various roles from engineering and design through to PR and marketing, will be “linked” to UAE participating universities and high schools. Selected students from the UAE institutions will have the opportunity of being “embedded” in their linked solar team for the preparation and conduct phases of the Oasis Solar Challenge. For more information, visit the Oasis Solar Challenge website here.

Making use of only energy that has been harvested from the sun combined with their engineering and strategic intellectual skills, the teams will pilot their vehicles around 2500 km of Abu Dhabi public roads over six days.

The event, in strong support of Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s sustainable development vision, will be a platform to launch future Solar Challenges planned for 2023, 2025, and after.

As the world begins the arduous task of post-pandemic economic recovery, eyes are turning to the renewable energy sector: not only to provide economic relief but to do so through the harnessing of natural resources in a safe and sustainable manner. The Al Nowais Group is proud to be an active participant in that process.

“The Al Nowais Group has a long term interest in supporting the Government of Abu Dhabi’s drive for technological development and its investment in renewable energy and sustainability, youth educational initiatives and gender equality.” “The ongoing global health crisis has made the consequences of non-sustainable methods of production and consumption all too visible and has aided in shifting the world’s focus from natural resource exhaustion to the use of technological innovation to conserve and preserve these resources and produce economic alternatives.” - H.E. Mr.Abdulla Jasim Al Nowais, Chairman of the Al Nowais Group

Aimed at inspiring young minds to create innovative solutions to daily challenges, the 2022 Oasis Solar Challenge like other Solar Challenges around the world will further encourage the development of educational opportunities, through the advancement of the STEM subjects, namely Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


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